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Seminar on EAS systems OdexPro
 Seminar for representatives of the companies of partners
       2, 3 and July 4, 2008 at the Technical Engineering Center «DiAl», a seminar was held for representatives of partner companies.
In a seminar took part directors, engineers and programmers from Moscow, from Omsk, from Samaras, from Petrozavodsk, from Severodvinsk, from Voronezh, from Chelyabinsk, from Volgograd and from St.-Petersburg.

At a seminar the rate of lectures on themes has been read through:
   Theory of radio-frequency systems.
   Characteristics of radio-frequency systems on example OdexPro.
   Adjustment of EAS systems OdexPro.
   The theory: Installation of EAS systems OdexPro.
   Monoaerials OdexPro Fashion Solo.
   Adjustment of EAS systems OdexPro Fashion Solo.
   Practice: Installation and adjustment of EAS systems OdexPro.
   Prominent features of adjustment OdexPro on objects.
   Systems of calculation of visitors OdexPro. A principle of work. Characteristics. Installation of the software. Demonstration of work of systems at the stand.

      At the conclusion of the seminar, all participants received a certificate of passing the course maintenance OdexPro EAS systems and CD with the lectures.
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